Driven Playa Thin 500

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Driven Playa Thin 500 is comfortable bike, with 48 Volts 13 Amp Samsung Battery pushing a 500 watt motor it charges like a bull. Great ride and riding position.

Why this bike?
Rides effortlessly even with the battery off
48v is 25% more energy then a standard ebike
7 Speed Shimano gears kelps you tackle the hills
Aluminum Frame offers lighter weight bike
Built in front light powered by on board battery
Easy to use Color LCD is included on every bike


48V 13Ah (624Wh) Samsung Cell Li-ion Battery

Range: around 50 miles with PAS Level 1


48V 2Amp Smart Charger, works under 110V ~ 240V

Charging time: 4-5 hrs


48V 20Amp Intelligent Controller


Advanced Color LCD with 5 PAS Levels, Current Speed, Max Speed, Odometer, Trip, and USB port


48V 500W High Torque Gear Motor, Peak Output 700W

Top Speed 26 MPH


Front and Rear


5 Levels


Half Twist on Right Hand


Water-Proof Quick Connector


1 Port